The IT Department's Client Solutions Team is here to help!
Need help with setup?
If you are new to the NavReg system, please submit a ticket to IT to receive training.

How do I process Nav transfers?
Using the information obtained in your Event Report, send an Excel spreadsheet to your mission’s financial administrator with the following information for each transfer:
  • The NavID from which the money is being transferred
  • The name associated with the NavID from which the money is being transferred, e.g. an individual, a campus, etc.
  • The amount of money to be transferred
Be sure to include in the email to your financial administrator the department number and NavID to which the money is being transferred.

Still need help with the NavReg system?
If you need additional assistance with the NavReg system, contact us at We will be happy to respond to you via email within 48 business hours.

My event includes promotional items. Who am I supposed to contact?
If you plan to give event attendees promotional products, please contact Corporate Affairs at to ensure your products meet the new logo requirements.

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